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Data Upload Terms and Conditions

Data Upload Terms and Conditions

By using this data sharing platform you are agreeing to the PFER information Management Policy. The full policy is available here.


The aim of this Information Management Policy (the “Policy”) is to facilitate and create a trusted environment for organisations to share data under the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme (the “Programme”).

The Policy aims to do the following.

  • Assure Participants in the Programme (“Participants”) that all data shared will be treated with respect and confidentiality.
  • Encourage a relationship of trust between Participants.
  • Allow Participants to extract results data and information for wider dissemination both within and externally to the Programme.
  • Share Data Sets and results datasets between all Participants to aid success of the Programme.

Data Providers will provide data for the Programme and this data will be treated in accordance with the following terms:

  • In line with the Principles defined below.
  • In accordance with the controller’s obligations.
  • In accordance with the processer’s obligations.
  • Respecting another Participant’s intellectual property.
  • Treat confidential information with respect and in accordance with standard confidentiality provisions.
  • Accept that the Programme aims to forward development in the Energy industry and therefore acknowledge that results may be disseminated under this purpose.

Data Sharing Principles

The Programme hopes by providing an environment of assurance and trust with regards to data and information, it will show more successful outcomes for all Participants. It therefore aspires to operate in accordance with the following Principles. These Principles form the background of the clauses and obligations stated in this Policy.

Purpose Limitation: Data will only be used for the Programme unless stated otherwise.

Storage Limitation: Data will be kept no longer than necessary for the Purpose it is provided.

Data Minimisation: No more data than necessary will be held.

Accuracy: All processors, owners and controllers will endeavour to ensure data collected is accurate and up to date where possible.

Transparency and Accountability: Data usage and access will be recorded by the Data Managers as per the agreed Purpose.

Lawfulness: Data will be processed for a lawful Purpose and the Data Provider will have rights to share data.

Integrity: Data will be held under appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Confidentiality – the confidential nature of business information will be respected