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List of BSPs serving the RESO area - as extracted from WPD Capacity Map data export.

In order to filter this list it was checked against WPD's Crown database - this enabled the following refinements:

  • Notes on Coventry South 132/33/11 kV substation shown correctly connecting at BSP level but also acting as a Primary
  • Consider Nuneaton 33 kV SStn BSP - eliminated as very little capacity for RESO from Newdigate Primary (very few feeders cross-in)
  • Rugby and Warwick BSPs also provide minimal capacity and are not included.

The data fields provided are:

  • Network Reference ID
  • Parent Network Reference ID
  • Substation Name
  • Substation Number Asset Type
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Fault Level Headroom
  • Group
  • Bulk Supply Point Name
  • Primary Substation
  • Upstream Voltage
  • Downstream Voltage
  • Firm Capacity of Substation (MVA)
  • Reverse Power Capability (MVA)
  • Measured Peak Demand (MVA)
  • Demand Headroom (MVA)
  • Generation Headroom (MVA)
  • Fault Level Headroom (kA)

(field units not shown are Text fields, otherwise Number)

Capacity Map export as at June 2020.

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