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Requested by DP so RESO can use Primary area capacity - for details see email thread below.

From: David Phillips <>

Sent: 03 April 2020 14:41

To: Kala Rayner <>

Cc: Dr. Natalie Lowery <>

Subject: RE: Data for RESO

Hi Kala, Thank you for processing this all promptly - the output looks like it will be very useful.

One question about the data export list [in data export XLSX supplied by ESC with the Coventry LEAR PDF]-


I assume HV1 - HV28 are LEAR-given names for the areas LEAR has mapped to our 25 Primary substations

so can you advise us these areas - ideally: the Primary name /Number,  plus the LSOAs in each Primary area.

We'd like to make good use of the data export ... apologies if I missed it but can't tell which HV-number is which without a mapping.

Kind regards,

Dave (DP RESO)

---------- Original Message ---------- 

From: Kala Rayner <> 

To: David Phillips <> 

Cc: "Dr. Natalie Lowery" <>, Ben Walters <> 

Date: 03 April 2020 at 16:05 

Subject: RE: Data for RESO 

Hi David,

Great to hear that you think the LEAR output will be useful.

Yes, you’re quite right that those substation IDs are what we used in LEAR. Most project teams don’t have access to the raw network data, hence why we don’t usually need to provide the mappings. I’ve included the mappings from the original substation IDs you provided to the LEAR IDs in the first sheet of the attached spreadsheet. Note that the two Courthouse Green substations were had their capacities summed and were modelled together as one substation (HV4) because they were so near to each other. In addition, Lawford and Newdigate substations were not included as they are outside of the 2km buffer area of the project boundary and it was therefore deemed highly unlikely that these would serve any buildings within the project area.

I have also included mappings in the other sheet of the attached spreadsheet for which LSOAs overlap with the areas served by each HV substation. Obviously this is not a one-to-one mapping and I don’t know how useful it will be because of this (see map below!). In addition, it is important to caveat (although I am sure you are aware!) that these boundaries are modelled from EPN’s network synthesis along the road network and so it is unlikely these boundaries would be exactly the same in reality.

Hopefully that gives you everything you need in relation to your questions below. I’m on annual leave from Monday but Ben (cc’d) will be happy to help if you have any further questions.


Kala (ESC LEAR Modelling team)

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