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Created 2 months ago, updated 25 days ago

This second edition of the Code of Practice: Heat networks provides a very significant update to the 2015 version.

The previous edition had been highly successful in establishing minimum standards to improve the quality of district heating projects from concept through to operation; it has also had a strong influence on the procurement of heat networks, and underpins much of the Heat Networks Delivery Unit and Heat Networks Investment Project work done by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

About this dataset

Brief Description:

CP1 (2020) Heat networks: Code of Practice is a major update to the 2015 version, and a huge step forward for the industry.

RIBA Stage:
  • 0 - Strategic Definition
  • 1 - Preparation and Briefing
  • 2 - Concept Design
  • 3 - Spatial Coordination and Localisation
  • 4 - Technical Design
  • 5 - Construction and Delivery
  • 6 - Handover
  • 7 - Use
Plan of Work Card:

Project Brief

  • Heat Network
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