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Created a year ago, updated 3 months ago

Shared under conditions: PFER 3 – Any Core Participant Purpose(page 17 of document:

Extended WPD dataset for RESO internal use - comprising:

same 2,000+ Distribution Substations as RESO_WPD_CSV_02_v01, but it also contains some x-prefixed fields.

Columns are:

substation_number (this is upstream Primary)



site_number (this is a duplicate of substation_number field - not needed)

HV Feeder




TX Asset Type

xSum of Customer Count (counting ONLY those inside the RESO boundary)

Sum of nameplate_pwr_rate_dist_trans

xSum of UserType (indicates number of PRIVATE connections to that DSStn. Used with [xSum of Customer Count] this may indicate where a SStn mainly serves Indstrial/Commercial/Edu/Public Sector etc. If no postcode connections at all are found for that DSStn in RESO areas, this is set = -1 to indicate NULL, so that a 0-value reflects 'no private connections recorded').

xEST_nameplate_pwr_rate (rough estimate of non-WPD connection capacities)

xNOMIN_area_reso (nominal ONLY indication of area - this means at least one connection found in this area)

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