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The data in this spreadsheet represents forecasts of the behaviour of the GB electricity system, under the generation mix envisioned in the "Community Renewables" scenario from the National Grid Future Energy Scenarios 2018 (FES), for the time periods:

  • 1/4/2025 to 31/3/2026
  • 1/4/2030 to 31/3/2031

For each time period, the following values are supplied for each settlement period (i.e. half-hourly):

  • Day-ahead wholesale price (£/MWh)
  • Average CO2 intensity (gCO2/kWh)
  • Marginal CO2 intensity (gCO2/kWh)

Notes on the structure of the data:

  • The time series represents half hours starting at midnight.
  • The time series were calculated using demand data from 1/4/2016 to 31/3/2017, so calendar effects (day-of-week etc.) are aligned with this period (i.e. the first day is a Friday).
  • Prices are quoted in 2017 £.
  • No Daylight Savings Time effect is included in the model, meaning that every day is assumed to consist of 24 hours.
  • CO2 intensity represents carbon dioxide emissions only, i.e. emissions of other greenhouse gases are not included.

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