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This document provides a representation of the local energy system in Oxford. This representation has been created by collating and processing data from a variety of sources and using in house modelling techniques. It gives an understanding of the buildings in the local area; their annual and peak energy demands and the energy networks that serve them. It also provides some information on the levels of employment and deprivation in the area. It is not expected that the information contained in this document exactly matches the items it reports on but, rather, provides a reasonable representation of them. A common methodology has been used to produce local energy system representations for all of the projects funded as part of the “Prospering from the Energy Revolution” Challenge Fund. It is intended that the representations of local energy systems this has generated are of sufficient quality that comparisons can be made between them. 

Please note - this report contains restricted network operator data and cannot be shared publicly. Please contact ESC for further information.

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Brief Description Local Energy Asset Representation for Oxford