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ERIS – Energy Revolution Integration Service

The Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) is part of Energy Systems Catapult, an independent, technology-agnostic organisation, focused on creating demand pull for energy systems innovation by removing barriers and opening new markets. ERIS exists to respond to the integration challenge, to break down the siloed thinking that stands in the way of sustainable new smart local energy markets.

Our vision for ERIS is: “To leverage the learning  and experience from the Prospering from the Energy Revolution Programme”

ERIS promotes the smart local energy systems community to share learnings, opportunities, challenges and synergies with key stakeholders ERIS promotes the social and economic benefits of smart local energy systems to support the green recovery

ERIS draws on ESC’s strong portfolio of capabilities, assets and highly skilled people to fulfil its vision and help to drive the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme, and projects, forward.

Our main activities include:

  • Evaluating energy outcomes of Smart Local Energy Systems’ viability
  • Establish understanding across the nation of the value and benefits of Smart Local Energy Systems
  • Create a framework to help new local area scope, plan, design and Deploy Smart Local Energy Systems

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